25 thoughts on “Destination Unknown Sri Lanka”

  1. what a job to get payed for doing what most people pay dearly for ,,such a
    stunning place i see he didn,t mention the rebels in the forests ,like
    Borneo ,both lovey ,I would have had a hydration pack on in that steamy
    heat xx 

  2. Sri lanka is a land of much natural beauty, that of the land and of its
    people. The people are smart and hard working. They are different ethnic
    and religious backgrounds, but they know the future is only better when
    they are united towards a tomorrow which all have a good chance. Ayubowan.

  3. It was a revival group of Buddhist monks that tried to destroy the frescoes
    at Sigiriya. King Kashyapa (the guy who built the fortress) had a lot of
    enemies lol

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