Destination: Asia – A GoPro Hero3+ Travel Adventure

Me and my girlfriend travelling and diving all over Asia 2013/2014. Shot 100% with GOPRO in Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and China. Don’t forget to watch …
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25 thoughts on “Destination: Asia – A GoPro Hero3+ Travel Adventure”

  1. @8:10 where is that waterfall located?
    Also, if I use gopro will the video file size would be smaller than the
    digicam’s video file size? 

  2. What are the settings? Is it filmed in 1080p30fps or another resolution?
    And whats the FoV? Wide, Medium, narrow, superview?

  3. Åh, vilken härlig resa det ser ut att ha varit! Riktigt snyggt filmat också!

    Vad använde du för mounts och sånt? Förutom det röda filtret. Hm… Borde
    man inte kunna redigera färgerna i efterhand istället för att använda

    Jag funderar på att åka till Ecuador i vår i några månader och kommer i så
    fall antagligen att göra diverse aktiviteter där en vanlig kamera inte kan
    följa med (dyka, ziplining, bungy swing, rafting osv). Därför planerar jag
    att köpa en Gopro. Just nu funderar jag på vilken mount som är bäst. En
    stick, handledsmount eller någon helt annat. Eller ingenting alls? Filmade
    du mycket med bara Gopro?

    Hoppas att nästa resa blir lika lyckad!

  4. Awesome video Joel !!!! I enjoyed the whole thing. I especially liked the
    way you transitioned from the whale shark to the waterfall… very slick !

  5. Hey I gotta ask man, How did you get the quality of your video to turn out
    perfect I rener mine out on Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and watch it on my
    computer and it looks great but when I upload it to youtube it turns out
    all crappy!? Do you have any clue why?

  6. Awesome video! Very vivid? Did you use any effects or all natural? Also,
    did you use Superview at all? Or did you edit the fish-eye out?

  7. Hi! Is this silver or black edition? You filmed 1080p right? How long the
    battery worked? And how many hours with 1080p u can film into 64gb card? I
    guess u were a long time in Asia so how u handled video material? Did u
    have many memory cards or did u just put video material into computer? Tnx

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