20 thoughts on “Removal of Surfboard Wax: Review of The Pickle”

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  3. A friend gave me The Pickle, but I haven’t used it yet. When I do, I’ll be
    sure to wear a dust mask in order not to inhale the harsh dust.

  4. shit idk about u guys but i definately would not mind looking like him when
    im his age…. tha nks for the tips man

  5. EXCELLENT! I’m getting me a pickle kit thats fo sure 🙂 Also liked the way
    you got your board off the floor – I was wondering how I could do that
    Brilliant video man cheers

  6. Easiest way to remove your wax is to boil your jug and pour the hot water
    on the wax and wipe away, easy , fast, hardly any elbow grease and Cheap.

  7. BoardRidersReview

    Never ridden one and they look like fun, However I dont know a thing about
    them. Fill me in on what they are all about and I can probably get one.

  8. BoardRidersReview

    It worked killer! I introduced it to a couple of board repair guys and they
    are stoked! Chemicals still leave a fine film and this does not. Do not
    inhale the dust, its nasty. I found out the hard way. Surf on!

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