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Complete Half Hour Program – Meet the locals as the Overlander travels around Tasmania Travel Tasmania seeing it’s top destinations through the eyes of the locals. Stories include: Rob Pennicott…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Oswald Boelcke 3 years ago
  • Oswald Boelcke 3 years ago

    Another great video, Mark. Thank you. I always liked the idea of Tasmania
    and if I live long enough, I may some day get there.

  • Jennifer Howard 3 years ago

    This was the best travel video I have ever seen! It was so good that I am
    not even going to share this one on Facebook. I want to keep Tasmania a
    secret since I am a nature lover.

  • Shawn Cookson 3 years ago

    Another well done video! Very informative.

  • Tammie Granger 3 years ago

    Being an American with Irish ancestry, this scenery appeals to me.

  • MrCp2134 3 years ago

    I like when the shows are long

  • shakypam 3 years ago

    loving this so far (8 mins in) but not sure about the Truganini/Sudanese
    refugee link? But yeah, I’m hooked enough to watch the whole thing (and I
    was just here looking for old Bob Brown footage!)

  • shakypam 3 years ago

    ok now I’ve watched the segment with the Sudanese woman. Beautiful stuff,
    both of you.

  • LlamaBlu 3 years ago

    your travel videos are great. this one is no exception, please keep it up!

  • Zoootex 3 years ago

    love your videos man

  • Wendy Morgan 3 years ago

    Loved this video! I am visiting Tasmania in December I can’t wait!!

  • Onya mate! Good video 😀

  • jamesmacmccann 3 years ago

    Hey Mark, loved this one mate! Done well! Right at the end when you did the
    rektango flash-back I saw my Auntie! If you ever do another meet a local
    here, get in touch!