Learn to play acoustic guitar many strum patterns lesson

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25 thoughts on “Learn to play acoustic guitar many strum patterns lesson”

  1. This Video Really does help it explained it just how I needed it.
    Explaining how the rhythm is supposed to work and how to make the guitar
    sing. The d/u/d/u/d helps those of us who are not musically inclined, or
    just getting into learning. Despite what people may say, this is an
    excellent teaching video I thank you. 

  2. Instead of saying DUDUDUD, try doing 1+2+3+4 (+ being “ands”)

    I use the 1 (2) 3 (4) +1+2 3 4+ strum pattern a lot ( (#)’s being

  3. I’m just starting lessons, and this is by far the best for learning how to
    strum. I found strumming is a big learning curve when playing, and this
    dude really simplifies it..rock on

  4. Julios Del Rosario

    This will be the most stupidest thing you will ever hear from a person who
    you will think is not even a guitarist at all. What is the difference
    between up strums and down strums?

  5. Hey, thanks for this 🙂 I get really discouraged trying to learn songs
    because I can never figure out the strumming… I found this helpful

  6. Hey guys, I’ve been creating a strum pattern for this new app on the iPhone
    and iPad – it’s just a basic pattern which seems to be helping so many
    beginners right now – the pattern is just a basic “DxDxDxDx” rhythm. You
    can edit the pattern if you want to! Click on the hashtag, then find the
    link in the first video to get the pattern #OptimaStrumTutor

  7. I’m a left handed but played right handed guitar 🙂 the first time I
    strummed my right handed guitar, my arms feels lost and weak like I can’t
    control it completely.but after going through a lot of practice, I slowly
    improved and now I can strum and playing chords but I can’t still control
    my right hand on different strumming pattern.all I can do is strum using
    only one pattern.but thanks to this video nowmy strumming is improved 🙂
    thanks bro :for this video :)

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