13 thoughts on “Channel Islands New Fyler Surfboard Review”

  1. DrTobiasFunke100

    i’m on the east coast as well and i’m thinking nf, weirdo, or neckbeard.
    Y’all prefer the nf?

  2. Im thinking about purchasing one of these boards but I dont know much about
    how much one of these go for and what size i should get. Im 5’5” and range
    from 160 lbs to 170lbs Thank You

  3. the Surf Station

    The most obvious difference is the overall outline. The Weirdo is wider
    than a New Flyer of the same length so the NF looks like a more drawn out
    shape, while the Weirdo looks like a wide, skatey shape.

  4. the Surf Station

    Just depends on what you want out of the board, the Neckbeard is definitely
    a groveler though. Weirdo or NF for an all around, every day board.

  5. you guys need to do some longboard reviews being florida with small waves.
    through some good longboard crusers in could you do that?

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