7 thoughts on “Channel Islands DFR Surfboard Review”

  1. the Surf Station

    We haven’t gotten our hands on one yet but it sounds like it may be
    suitable in a greater range of waves. It has a little more volume. They are
    saying the rails are more tapered so they’ve added more thickness in the
    rest of the board. We should have a better idea of it once we can see one
    in person. We will do a review once they come in (hopefully this week

  2. the Surf Station

    It sounds like the T Low would be a little faster and more forgiving with
    its low rocker. Austin and CI say: “If you are looking for a good all
    around short board to ride in all types of surf the T-Low is the way to go.
    The T-Low takes a different route than the extreme curves in the DFR and
    Proton by utilizing medium entry and low exit rockers unlike the DFR with
    the extreme tail rocker. The rails are tapered so consider riding this
    board 1/16” thicker than your DFR, Proton, Rubble, and etc. ”

  3. killedbythedocter

    I’m not a very good surfer 6ft 1 135lbs and Ii rode it today as a 5 7 tri
    and it felt amazing but I couldn’t catch any waves because I suck and
    Southern California surf so I switched to a 6 4 Fred rubble an it felt like
    a race car and I got the best wave of my life so I prefer Fred Rubble.

  4. Hey i’m looking to get a new shortboard and am super interested in either
    this board, the sp12, or maybe even the new T-Low? Surf mostly 2-6 foot
    waves, but will probably use the board in the upper end of that range since
    I also have a weirdo ripper. How do the boards compare? I’d like a board
    with some nice drive, but still a playful sorta feel to it. THANKS!

  5. Oh ok Thanks a lot! How’s the tlow compare to the fred rubble as a
    performance board in the 2-6 foot range?

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