Tony Hawk’s Trick Tips Vol. 3 (Secrets of Skateboarding)

In the first Tony Hawk Trick Tips video, Tony Hawk explained the basics of skateboarding. In the second, he walked the viewer through some more intermediate …
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25 thoughts on “Tony Hawk’s Trick Tips Vol. 3 (Secrets of Skateboarding)”

  1. i got my first nose-grab off a three stair set back in like ’88.. I held it
    till my back wheels touched the ground…. it was the best feeling ever

  2. Shout out to Tony Hawk I’ve been looking up to you since I was small and I
    like to jump and skate but I need your help I would love to meet you in
    person I want to skate like you just like you I hope one day I might be a
    professional skateboarder and a drummer at the same time

  3. Fucking love Mike V and it was really nice that they didn’t do take over
    and over again until they got the tricks super clean, very nice touch.
    Shows that even pro’s are not perfect, something I like to see from time to
    time because everyone does it and everyone starts there.

  4. Alexis Suastegui

    Honestly just skate and have fun try new things and don’t focus on the bad
    things that COULD happen focus on what you can accomplish. It’s what I do.

  5. “learn your roots” – something I noticed a lot of kids do not do. A lot of
    the kids these days know very little about the history of skating.

  6. My purpose is not hating but there is no secret to skateboarding all you
    have to do is go outside and practice sure tricktip might help but its just
    99% practice and 1% visual all u have to do is find the most comfortable
    foot placement and keep practicing for hours days months years until u get
    them on lock

  7. Dude.. I shred way harder than Tony Hawk…. Then my alarm clock goes off
    and I have to get up for work. 

  8. Anybody else who have watched all 3 crack up at the guy screaming ACTION?
    XD I can’t find which one it’s in

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