How to Surf in a Wetsuit – Wet Wetsuit Trick – Surfing Tips

Surf Coach Brent shares one of his favorite wetsuit changing fast tricks. The free solution for sticky wetsuits
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7 thoughts on “How to Surf in a Wetsuit – Wet Wetsuit Trick – Surfing Tips”

  1. great tips man, but wat about taking the wetsuit off??. I always struggled
    with taking off the wetsuit more than putting them on.

  2. For my 4/3 (through neck) I use a lycra longsleeve tshirt underneath and I
    can just slide suit on and MORE importantly, slide suit off easily. For my
    5/4 (again, through neck), I use same lycra longsleeve tshirt and
    compression shorts that are also a nylon product.

  3. I get puzzled looks when I do this in the parking lot, but it works great.
    I forgot where I learned this, but it’s a great tip to slide your wetsuit
    on and off and not tire out your arms and legs putting that annoying this

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