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How to get vertical by Joel Parkinson.

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  • SurfinCalibitch 3 years ago

    lol this made me laugh

  • Greg Mungall 3 years ago

    guess nott

  • Marco Mazza 3 years ago

    Ahhhh!!! 1:38 almost ran over. haha

  • hawkman231 3 years ago

    He’s a beast.. by the way.. anybody know the name of this song?

  • anatasha086 3 years ago

    its fun how he sufs over the people underwater

  • iamouttanames 3 years ago

    you cant surf if you’re afraid of the water man

  • Dan Morris 3 years ago


  • imdaddypr 3 years ago

    very sick

  • hanns merie' 3 years ago

    Sharks rarely kill . Florida is most dangerous its rare there too.

  • TheBeofox 3 years ago

    already is

  • Cameron Stratton 3 years ago

    Parko should’ve done the cut back trick tip! His are are crazy!

  • brodie jakich 3 years ago

    i have the same birthday as parko

  • Tomas Terrizzano 3 years ago


  • transplant07 3 years ago

    PARKO next world champ

  • youlosez 3 years ago

    Going vert is tough! Terrifying on a large wave over a reef too.

  • Trent Bayliss 3 years ago

    He is now 😉

  • MegaMrHawk 3 years ago

    Parko won the bells pro!!!

  • Big Budah 3 years ago

    he wrote that 4 years ago before he was world champ you gimp

  • James Alan 3 years ago

    Now that looks fun but im very afraid of sharks mate i live in austrailia
    and the sharks kill someone everyday cant even swim in shallows you get
    your feet ripped right off happend to my best friend and my cousin.

  • TheGreatCorneliuski 3 years ago

    Parko is the best cuz he tends to stand tall and recover the fastest.
    Fanning has been keeping low perhaps to play it safe. Andy has given up on
    these phony contests like old school Christan Fletcher, who skateboards to
    make up for SoCal lacking good surf 97% of the time. I will too, from now
    on I will hold off SoCal and wait for vacation travel, easily making up for
    a whole year in a few waves say in Peru.

  • NaturallyPVP 3 years ago

    is da world champ

  • amucas 3 years ago

    @squattercrab A reverse.

  • andreisidro 3 years ago

    @CamtheMan926 Totally agree! In fact I think he has the best cutbacks out
    of any surfer I know!

  • ad10am 3 years ago

    wtf are you talking about socal has been good this winter