Table Tennis : Advanced Table Tennis Serving Tips

Table Tennis : Advanced Table Tennis Serving Tips

After learning the basics, more powerful table tennis serves can give you an edge in a match. Serve yourself a victory with the techniques presented by a professional table tennis player in…

25 thoughts on “Table Tennis : Advanced Table Tennis Serving Tips”

  1. This comments section is the epitome of YouTube scum. Instead of focusing
    on the actual point of the video they only make sexist jokes and focus on
    the looks of the woman teaching. You should all be ashamed.

  2. We need a follow up video. Even at the level I play at, these serves will
    get killed every time. These serves are long and spin is easy to read.
    And the motions are not deceptive at all. 

  3. jackson pamperin

    Bad tips after a slow side spin the opponent has time to topspin the ball
    back you need to do a fast top spin variation with a heavy backspin down
    the line this is why I’m on the us jounior Olympic team

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