GUIDE: How to surf in Counter Strike Global Offensive (tutorial and tips)

This video tutorial teaches you how to surf in CS GO. MAP: surf air arena v4 (surf_air_arena_v4) FREE DOWNLOAD: Helpful Server Commands.
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25 thoughts on “GUIDE: How to surf in Counter Strike Global Offensive (tutorial and tips)”

  1. Dudes.. If you want to surf, u have to write in the console – sv_cheats 1
    and then sv_airaccelerate 100.. Thumbs up so everyone can see ;)

  2. Colton Hawkins

    when i come off of a jump, how do i get more height? really frustrating
    when it doesnt go high enough and i cant make it!! please help

  3. IM SO FRUSTRATED. I have watched tons of videos just like this and i still
    cannot do it! If I hold A against a left side platform i lose speed. I look
    in the right place. I go at the exact same speed as others and at the jump
    they can somehow go flying but i just lose all speed and plop off the end,
    again im doing the little jump flick. I do not understand i do EXACTLY what
    you and everyone else shows me and yet i still cant, WTF AM I MISSING???

  4. Im losing speed and when I go into a corner or what ever you should say I
    cant get speed someone help me pls

  5. I think the person who said you needed to alternate keys A and D meant when
    you try to cut and fly off of an edge to fly upwards with more velocity and
    height. At least in source, when you’re surfing down a ramp and you need to
    fly onto a higher one it helps by curving to the very tip of the edge just
    before you leave the ramp and very quickly alternate keys A and D which
    help gain height just as you lift off. Strafing of course is a huge part of
    this skill

  6. Guys. I couldnt surf for a long time too. Then I just realized its all
    about not pressing W while surfing. Just press A or D button and you are

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