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Alana Surfer Girl (Season 3, episode 4): The US Open Of Surfing in Huntington Beach is here and with it comes a crowd of over half-a-million surf fans! Pro s…
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  • joseph pablo 3 years ago

    shes reli got a boring style 

  • 丐式神功 3 years ago


  • Surf Coaches 3 years ago

    Alana has it all, and it seems nice guys can come in first.

  • Silas Gramaglia 3 years ago


  • oreosandsoymilk 3 years ago

    where is that dress from? the green one

  • Toxxic88 3 years ago

    US Open: Where all the kooks congregate

    I went there once… never again. 1% of people there are actual surfers

  • Kristi Krause 3 years ago

    i want her life sometimes :)

  • taylor rogers 3 years ago

    My problem with the title of this video: 90% of the people there weren’t
    even there for the surfing, let alone Alanas. She rips, but shes just
    famous for other things now and just happens to surf well. 

  • ExtremistStudios 3 years ago

    Awesome Vid Network A, love your choice of music for the vid. The editing
    was superb as well

  • Yn. nagaoka 3 years ago

    ♀サーファーガール USオープン

  • Annabel White 3 years ago

    Alana is so great, i aspire to be like her she is fricking amazing :)

  • Mark Dimo 3 years ago

    So stoked to make a cameo in your video with my #pentax :)

  • Jack Lim 3 years ago

    Her butt is so well rounded!

  • april hockey 3 years ago

    OMG I HAVE THE SAME leg rope 

  • ObeyCiroc 3 years ago

    Gotdamn her sexy ass…. Fuck look at those nipples just get in my bed
    please Alana aha I got some waves you can ride.. 

  • berniedmj m 3 years ago

    Tyler wright looks annoyed in the background during the autograph session.
    Ha! Don’t worry Tyler! You rip harder than most WCT women!

  • Zippora Sev 3 years ago

    Somebody knows when’s gonna be the next Open Surf?

  • fishingsurfing 3 years ago

    Its not half a million surf fans, its half a million people from riverside
    whi just go there for the party…

  • Natalie S 3 years ago

    love her!

  • rotativo13 3 years ago

    Cool…..Her board reminds me of the Old Town&Country Martin Potter board

  • Avery Walsh 3 years ago

    People are crazy at the us open

  • tigerthijs 3 years ago

    people go crazy for the ass of alana blanchard!

  • cedric smith 3 years ago

    I really like that she doesn’t where a bra 

  • dphotos 3 years ago

    I like the fact she is a good surfer and not just a pretty model. Her new
    boyfriend is one lucky guy.

  • ohhroach 3 years ago

    “shes so well rounded” and then smirk. well said.