Best Fails of the Week 4 May 2014

Best Fails of the Week 4 May 2014

The best epic fail videos are back again this week in another funny fails compilation! Click to subscribe for more awesome Fails! ▻ To…

25 thoughts on “Best Fails of the Week 4 May 2014”

  1. does anyone else agree this week had pretty wicked fails?!i mean first the
    stupid little girl at 0:01 and then the retard at 1:43

  2. The first clip of the kid almost getting hit while crossing the road BEFORE
    she didn’t look both ways….PITY. I’d love to run one of those bastard
    kids over in my range rover. idiot kids, not looking deserved to get run

  3. 1:46 wtf? how are you not able to brake after that time when it’s only 50
    km/h? or if it’s mph crash that fast into them?

  4. Александр Останин

    Что то наши, русские, мало лажали на этой неделе(

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