10 thoughts on “Surf Completely – How to Turtle Roll”

  1. on some sites they tell you that your body should be vertical under water
    to act as a sea anchor..ive tried that and its literally impossible, have
    you heard of any one successfully being vertical under their board in time
    as the wave is passing over? If you take a deep breathe i think youd be too

  2. Pls do a video on how to do cut backs and sharper turns for beginners i
    know how to turn i dont know how to do all the other stuff though pls do a
    video it would be really helpful 

  3. Vengre Pasilan

    That cool how you said one of your your friend went to the Philippines to
    surf. Haha I am from there!

  4. Love this vid. Focus on arms but what if I have leash on? Is there a
    difference? If I loose my top or bottoms, who cares & good thing I quit
    smoking 8 years ago to hold my breath.

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