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Good surfing starts with the pop-up. Here are a few tips to help make your pop-up more perfect!
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  • trippy2beahippy 3 years ago

    awesome video. incredibly simple to follow and understand. helped my stand
    up by 100%. can you do a work out routine for muscle for perfect pop
    up/surfing improvment?

  • AnGQK 3 years ago

    How do you know where a wave is coming?

  • Rob Bradshaw 3 years ago

    Great, great video thank you 🙂 I’ve just gone for a smaller mini mal. I
    had a 8′. I now have a quite thin, 20″ wide 7’4″ – I’m ~84KG 6foot tall. I
    feel like I’m starting from scratch I fall off soooo quickly when I popup
    but was relatively confident on the old board. I think the 8′ was far more
    forgiving on my rubbish popups. I have to concentrate on more balanced,
    central popups and exercises. This video helped a lot thanks

  • Alex Stock 3 years ago

    hands flat on top of board no rail will give you a push into the wave gain
    speed immediately vs hands on rail. hands on rail will slow you down. look
    at every pro or ripper 

  • Zoe Allen 3 years ago

    Great video

  • Slayerz4Life 3 years ago

    I did my first pop up when i was seven and then when i has 8 i was able to
    ride the wave! :)

  • US Rusty 3 years ago

    Thanks! Tomorrow i hope I can finally pop-up on my Lost Board <3 Thanks
    again Holly

  • Stoked4life 3 years ago

    Goofy Footers rule!!! Thanks for this, Holly. A great video for

  • King31395 3 years ago

    Good point on not needing to rush your pop-up when learning! You do just
    end up falling pretty quick when you try it too quickly right away. Thanks

  • Pam Miller 3 years ago

    No hands on the rails!

  • Susanne Williams 3 years ago

    Love it

  • Stephanie Bamboo 3 years ago


  • Dais Davies 3 years ago


  • Mark Diorio 3 years ago

    I had been doing good popping up with my 9’6′ board, but my new 8″4″ is
    much harder. I think this advice of not going up all the way right away is
    perfect advice!

  • Rowdy Savage 3 years ago

    Thanks Holly, I have been learning to surf recently and this video has
    given me some good pointers. Hope to try this next week. Thanks a lot. 

  • Holly Beck Obermeyer 3 years ago

    i totally disagree robert. if you put your back foot up first, you have to
    squeeze your front foot in between your back foot and your hands which can
    be tricky. if you get that front foot up first, it’s easy to then just put
    your back foot up next.

  • William Beebee 3 years ago

    does this work for shortboards too?

  • Roy1Cr0wd 3 years ago

    Were is this at btw

  • guitarmayun_88 3 years ago

    that method works great for beginners on smaller, weaker waves. but on
    bigger and more powerful waves leaving your hands on the board longer and
    getting up slower will cause you to drop in before you have stood up and
    throw your balance off.

  • Kristina Botelho 3 years ago

    Thanks Holly! I recently started surfing and my pop up sucks. This video
    helped a lot. Thank you from Hawaii!

  • Robert Newquest 3 years ago

    Putting the front foot up first is Not correct, it will throw balance off.
    Hands on rails or flat, chest up, back foot on, then front foot.

  • Jordan Hudecz 3 years ago

    sO yourr sayin this video is about boobs and surfing and gilrs in bikinis?
    That sounds like a girls gone wild video. Get you’re mind out of the
    gutter, Kyle! Men are such pigs, no wat Im sayin dawg!!@!!!? 2012 is the
    year we make contact.

  • David Grant 3 years ago

    for shizzle

  • Autumn Todash 3 years ago

    best surf video thank you so much you should have a million hits

  • RUDY GARCIA 3 years ago