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Catamarã surfa as ondas para chegar ao seu destino. Você faria isto ou esperaria por mar mais calmo? Catamaran surfs the waves to reach your destination. Sub…
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  • Surfing 3 years ago


  • Eurico Frade 3 years ago

    Who needs a surfboard???!!!

  • Guido Dwersteg 3 years ago

    lucky devil ,-)

  • Andrew Gorrie 3 years ago

    Luck or a good skipper you be the judge. Bloody good effort in my book.
    Nail biting stuff.

  • Alan Noble 3 years ago

    Don’t try this at home!
    #catamaran #surfing 

  • Anne Onomoose 3 years ago

    Can you surf a sailboat? Why sure you can! Well, its risky though. 

  • Shawn Brown 3 years ago


  • Eric Sou 3 years ago

    Sail or Surf? Crazy! Enjoy the coldie mate!

  • Gustavo Gomez 3 years ago


  • Lockey McGrath 3 years ago

    :: this bloke’s unbelievable (yeah australia) ::

  • Kirk Waterman 3 years ago

    Beer well deserved..

  • Alex McDowell 3 years ago

    Haha that’s crazy man….that takes skill 

  • William Bole 3 years ago

    I want a surfboat now

  • Voxboy876 3 years ago

    That was awesome.

  • Marcello Bordogna 3 years ago


  • Damon Humphreys 3 years ago

    Surf? What surf?

  • GetMyBoat | Go Ahead, Make Waves 3 years ago

    What a wild ride! We’re glad that everyone was okay!

  • Unex Skcus 3 years ago

    Very lucky. Been across the Southport bar in a 48′ yacht, in perhaps
    slightly better conditions, with the guidance of the Volunteer Coast Guard
    showing us a safe way.

    Hope the guy was on his own, because if he was risking the lives of others
    on board, I’d have to call him a f*cking irresponsible idiot.

    He had safe alternatives.

  • Kelt4ever 3 years ago

    good job timing and steering – if the cat had buried it’s noses or veered
    off, there would be some very expensive toothpicks – it’s a good skipper
    who knows how his boat will handle under different conditions. If he just
    took a chance, it would be a very stupid decision :)

  • Greg Kotzas 3 years ago

    I wonder if the compass gets messed up by his huge steel balls.

  • George Bush 3 years ago

    That didn’t look so bad now!

  • Eric W Demmers 3 years ago

    Good job skipper. That was amazing. 

  • Edward Kazar 3 years ago

    what a boss #FTW

  • Easy Yachting 3 years ago

    Its not new but amazing for us .. and Chris ! this comes from your country

  • Paulo Pimenta 3 years ago

    An amazing maneuver