How to Stand Up by The Digital Surf School

The Digital Surf School – How to Stand Up. In this video I both show and explain the correct way to learn to stand up on your surfboard, step by step …So g…

25 thoughts on “How to Stand Up by The Digital Surf School”

  1. Learn To Surf With Lynn – How to Stand Up.
    In this video I show and explain the correct way to learn to stand up on
    your surfboard, step by step.ο»Ώ

  2. THANK YOU FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD! 800 views and counting πŸ™‚ Send it to
    your friends too, maybe we can reach 1000 views in the first 30 days!!
    (uploaded July 11th)ο»Ώ

  3. Milliardo Peacecraft

    Today was my first time surfing, and just happend to be a great wave day
    for north florida. I managed to figure out how to move into the water,
    paddle, and turn about without spilling over or getting tossed off. The
    only thing I didn’t know how to do was stand up! Now I know and tomorrow I
    will actually surf. Thank you! Make more videos πŸ™‚

  4. Pamela Weichmann

    Thanks Lynn! I’ve been in the water on two separate days. The first was a
    lesson day. I caught a few waves but used my knees a lot. The instructors
    did not clearly show how to slightly twist and put the back foot down
    first. The second time I paddled but never stood up. I’ve practiced
    standing up with your suggestions out of the water and it feels so much
    easier! I can’t wait to go back into the water to try this! Future topic
    (maybe)- bruising early on…didn’t anticipate knee and hip bruises.

  5. Excellent teachings/learnings Lynn, your instructions are very proper and
    detailed to the points needed for begginers, very nice work, keep them
    coming, my best wishes to you and your team…

  6. Hello Lynn, You are a fantastic instructor! Thank you so much for taking
    the time to create and post these vids!

  7. kathleen haskard

    i wish i had the benefit of this video when i was a teenager trying to
    teach myself how to stand up surf! i love body surfing and belly boarding
    but now with your help even at my age (54!) i will have another go at
    standing up! thanks for your generousity and help! xx

  8. MsChinichinita

    Hi lynnn!!! Thank you for ur well explained videos!! One of my goals is to
    learn how to surf before i turn 28. I hope to see more of them videos! Love
    from california!

  9. Lynn, do you always stand up like this, or did you just when you started
    and eventually move to popping up? The first few weeks when I started I
    stood up as you just demonstrated, then I progressed to popping up. And
    hearing your story is sick!

  10. This has been the best instructional video by far…and I’ve been viewing a
    lot to learn how to surf. Very detailed and step by step…most of the
    other videos are very general. Thanks for the tips….now I’m ready for the
    waves of San Diego πŸ˜‰

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