Neal Purchase Jr. (NPJ) Quartet Review no.91 | Compare Surfboards

For years, I had heard of Neal Purchase Jr. and wanted the Quartet. It was worth the wait. An exquisite sample of foam and resin, there is something smooth &…

4 thoughts on “Neal Purchase Jr. (NPJ) Quartet Review no.91 | Compare Surfboards”

  1. Hey Ben Great review as always. Can you please do a review on the JS Ghetto
    Cat if you get the chance, I recently purchased this board and Im super
    stoked on it and id be interested to hear your thoughts on it also.

  2. hey benny, ive been interested in the quartet for awhile, thanks for the
    review! I was wondering how it compares with the gary mcneil entity which
    ive also been looking at as an all rounder for 2-6ft + waves? cheers

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