14 thoughts on “Lost Surfboards LayZBoy Review”

  1. rasmus suuronen

    Lazyboy, Bottom feeder or RV. What would you recommend of these boards for
    a beginner? Im 6’1 and 170lbs..

  2. Thanks man, just wondering the specific model name of the quad fins.as i
    have to but them separatley, futures set up, thanks again

  3. Gettin my layz soon, futures set up, 5 fin, bit new to this 5/ quad set up
    can you recomrnd fo me, you mention finger fin, and controllers? Nice
    review btw , cheers

  4. Thanks for the review, great overall description. I’m getting ready to pick
    up a Lazy Boy. I’m 6’2 / 175lbs. Not sure to go with the 5’10 or 6’0. What
    do you recommend?

  5. dude, great review. I tried that board and I really like it. thanks for
    including sizing info and comparison to other boards.

  6. just picked one up also ….. 5’10 21 1/2 2 5/8… i also live in norcal
    and surf 41st , 26th , pleasure’s ,OB and Lindo ….. hoping i did not go
    too small… 5’11 180 lbs… live in east bay …. want for battling LB
    hogs……guys at Real Water were great… board arrived today ….. just
    leery on size

  7. REAL Watersports

    @Charmaine – You should take a look at the Pelagic Fish – that has a wide
    nose, narrower tail and a good amount of rocker. We just posted the link to
    the Pelagic in the description above! Thanks.

  8. Charmaine Ortiz

    I like the outline of this board, semi wide nose, the narrower tail as
    compared to the other models in the domesticated series, just wish the
    rocker in it wasn’t so flattt throughout…any other models you’d suggest?

  9. Got that board before the summer and love it. Used it around Santa Cruz
    many times, in small to 5 feet waves and always great, easy to do good
    turns, and just enjoying the ride. I took it 5’10 and I like it this way
    (almost got a 6’0 and glad I didn’t), and I’m 6’1 tall for almost 200 lbs.
    To compare, my regular short-board is a CI Fred Rubble 6’4, summer one is
    my 6’2 Lost Sub-driver, and this LayZ Boy to have fun and more flotation in
    the crowded summer spots.

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