Motorola SURFboard SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem: Overview & Unboxing

I wanted to up my internet speed and my old modem needed to be upgraded to a DOCSIS 3.0 device. So here’s my new SURFboard cable modem.

25 thoughts on “Motorola SURFboard SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem: Overview & Unboxing”

  1. Great video, Mine is blazing fast when wired in. (>50Mbps) However, when I
    plugged it in to my router, the bottom light blinks in an amber/orange
    color and I am only getting 15Mbps down over wireless. (Older Linksys
    router) . I don’t really expect to see the 50Mbps down over wireless, but
    at least a slight gain over where I was previously before I upgraded my
    internet tier. I would expect to at least be in the 30’s to low 40’s. I am
    thinking its because its an older router (non-gigabit). Do you have any
    experience with this or an opinion?

  2. Hello. I am a n00b when it comes to this type of things. I currently have
    TWC and their Ubee modem/router. My internet has been really slow lately
    (idk, maybe a lot of things using wireless?). I am thinking of getting this
    modem. If I buy it , will a Netgear Blackhawk router be a good combination?
    Or do they both need to be Motorola? What would be a good router? Thanks
    for the help.
    I did a speed test and got 16 for Ping ms for Ping, 12.96 for Download and
    1.10 for Upload. Are those numbers bad? I did two test earlier and got 9
    for download. This latest one was different throwing me a 12.96. 

  3. noooo dont buy this peice of shit trust me im using it right now it not
    fast at all i try playing some game online i get lag all the time trust me
    dont buy this shit

  4. I been reading about a common issue with this modem.
    On Amazon many people are complaining that the modem keeps disconnecting.
    What do you think about this common issue? and have you ran into any issues

  5. ever since i got this modem last week, it is slow internet for some
    reason…the reason i got this was to avoid the comcast $8 leasing fee and
    faster speed…so not sure why it is slower than the older comcast
    modem…just tested my download speed of 4.1mbps and upload of 4.6mbps
    ….any ideas?

  6. Works for TWC Los Angeles and they upgrade the firmware even though it’s
    retail. A good investment since it has 8 band channels down, 4 up, for less

  7. I have had my 6141 for about a year. In the last week it has started to
    reboot itself while streaming HD on Netflix. I’m not sure if it is a
    Suddenlink, Netflix, or my modem is about to die. The log file shows the
    reboots, as well as T3 and T4 errors.

  8. I’m with Comcast and have this modem. First I should mention that Comcast
    is just horrible. It took them 5+hours to get the modem to work. The modem
    worked good for 5 weeks and then overheated and quit working. After another
    nightmare experience with Comcast (which is normal for a Comcast
    experience) they had to place what Comcast called an “amplifier” on the
    modem. So now in order to get the modem to work I had to have more wires,
    more spliters and another huge fat electrical outlet.
    Modem worked okay after that for another 6 weeks and stopped working again.
    I am again without internet service as I wait on another Comcast Tech to
    show up and fix it again.
    SO if you are with Comcast or Time Warner Cable I would suggest caution. 

  9. I keep on getting an amber light for the “link” instead of the preferred
    blue. Could it be that I am using a cat5 cable to my airport express? Would
    getting a cat6 make a difference? My ISP is Comcast and I am paying for
    105mbp. Thanks!

  10. I need to get my own modem,next month Bright House is going to charge me
    $4 a month to “lease” the one I have. I bought this modem you are showing
    at Walmart and I found out that I need a phone line too, so I returned
    it . I can’t find a modem with 4 connectors, can u help?

  11. my ping right now is 12 WTF! and i am renting a modem from direct TV called
    V bee ( which is good right?) 

  12. If you’re at Frys dont let the asshole sales guy convince you that the
    Netgear cmd31t is just as good. I was too lazy to drive to Bestbuy (Frys
    doesn’t sell Motorola modems) so I got the Netgear. My old modem was the
    SB5101 never dropped a signal once in the +5 yrs. The Netgear dropped
    connections three times with in the first six hrs. Needless to say Im
    returning the garbage netgear and getting this.

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