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22 thoughts on “Motorola SURFBOARD SBG6782 AC Gateway by ARRIS – Review”

  1. hi do you how can I reset the modem password and username seen my brother
    change both and now he doesnt remember neither thanks 

  2. Also you said about the Motorola logo will change…. No it wont… ARRIS
    is PART of Motorola. Motorola OWNS Arris. 

  3. ThongPaFu Thoj

    I have a question for you. Right now I have a Motorola SBG 6580 my internet
    speed is 30 mbps and want to upgrade the new one. I see your Motorola
    Surfboard SBG6782-AC Gateway so can you tell me which one is the best or

  4. Trevor Whiting

    will this run 2.4 and 5ghz at the same time, I was told that 2.4 travels
    further and 5ghz is stronger but travels a shorter distance

  5. Actually, Arris OWNS Motorola, so the name is really “Arris”. Not sure why
    they call it “Motorola” unless the brand name is more familiar, but that
    will probably change.

  6. extremely impressive professional information in a great hd video, thank
    you for doing such an outstanding work. But may I ask this question? is it
    activated online or most you go to a time Warner cable store to activate
    it? since my stroke i cannot drive with loss of vision. thank you for your
    great work that clarifies this new device.


    here is the thing. if you have N wireless chip on you laptop you will max
    at 45Mbps using this. if you have AC wireless chip or a usb network
    adapter. You will max out at 98/100. This maxes at what ever hardware you
    laptop has. so it really depends on that. The reason theirs gives you max
    20 is because it is wireless protocol G

  8. If your laptop supports 5.0 on 40 hertz frequency, it will give you a boost
    as long as you stay near the router. At this point of time, i have
    transmission rate of 172 on wireless N using 5.0 frequency. AC uses 5.0
    frequency with multiple antennas. Remember, signal strength and rate of
    transmission are two independent things. First download a software and see
    RSSI and transmit rate. If they are good then you have to try hardware such
    as your cable modem or try cable signal booster.

  9. Try monoprice rg6 cables, cobec 26awg cat7 cables and a stern 130db
    splitter from newegg. Worked wonders for me and gave me a 10 – 20 ms
    decrease in game ping. I do feel the difference since I’m really tech
    friendly with these things (cables from cable tap to wall plate to splitter
    to modem to router to computer/console all matters)

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