Cable Modem Upgrade: High End Routers and Motorola Surfboard – Tekzilla Clips

Gaven says “I have a really old cable modem and want to upgrade to something new that includes wireless.” Would we roll with an integrated WiFi router and ca…
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25 thoughts on “Cable Modem Upgrade: High End Routers and Motorola Surfboard – Tekzilla Clips”

  1. @reniisgod Try changing channels your wireless is running on as i was
    having those issues as well turn out tobe a device interfering on that
    channel. Also it does not have to be interference from your house if you
    live close to others as well.

  2. hi I got a motorola cable modem and the stupid thing dose not work even the
    cable guys modem dose not work- how do I calibrate a cable modem? i have to
    heck it what can i do

  3. Is the Motorola sb6120 faster(better) than the Motorola sbg6580
    (modem/router) and is it better to have just a single device that acts as a
    router and modem rather than having two seperate devices?

  4. @elcuby haha, yea, pretty pointless review..but i have hard man bad things
    about the all in one gateways.. i used to have one and it did indeed suck

  5. ncrdisabled Submarine vet

    I just bought one a best buy on sale 87.99 but I got the 2 year warranty
    free. I have a older Motorola modem that has a local network switch and a
    button on top to do it manual. I miss that feature. It also comes with a
    cat 5 cable when it should have a cat 6 cable for the Ethernet connection .
    It is a great modem but I wish that would add those 2 things.

  6. @mpleroy you think 7/Mo is bad? Comcast charges exactly double that…
    didnt lease right off the bat and bought the same modem/wireless router for
    the same price but at new egg lol

  7. stumbled on this video…Currently have Time Warner Cable modem/internet in
    my downstairs office. I do not have a modem upstairs (already has cable box
    connected to wall outlet) and I want a hardline internet upstairs. Was told
    by TWC to hire AV guys to run an ethernet line from downstairs>attic>back
    down to 2nd floor. OR rent another modem from TCW and pay $50 for the modem
    PLUS pay $7/mo for rental.. So can I go to Best Buy, buy modem, connect to
    outlet upstairs and have internet upstairs?

  8. ncrdisabled Submarine vet

    I just installed me sb6121 and no wireless signal come out of it. I called
    Motorola and give them the model and serial and they told me that mine does
    not have built in wifi. I asked I was told one did the guy said a few of
    the first ones had it but it was a mistake and they stopped putting
    wireless in that modem. You got real lucky that your has built in wife. I
    am still wandering if its in mine but the disabled it.

  9. sbg6580 is a bad move. Don’t do it. Also it is real sensitive to line
    issues per comcast recommendations your signal on your cable modem has to
    be pristine. Otherwise you will even run into firmware update corruption
    like mine has. It won’t even connect to the network anymore. Although my
    other modem on the same line works just fine. Not perfect but fine.

  10. I work for a cable company and I have to disagree with these two guys. Most
    wifi interruptions I see is caused by an added router. A modem will update
    it’s IP periodically and often the router cannot switch to the new IP due
    to various factors. So then we get calls that they can’t get connected.
    Having a all-in-one cuts this down dramatically as it doesn’t have issues
    with renewing the IP.

  11. the motorola all in one that they are talking about is outstanding. the
    speeds are incredible. i also bought this at frys for 129.00. and i would
    gladly say its the fastest i have ever had or seen… having an all in one
    is the best way to go for was so easy to setup. in fact it did
    everything for me.guaranted you will not be disapointed. i dont know what
    these bozos are talking about. this product is bad ass..

  12. @npham1198 wow i have COX internet and only pay 35 a month and my speed is
    faster than 15MB tested not shown, technically your 15mb from comcast might
    actually be around 11 or 12mb

  13. i got a surfboard extreem 6121 for 89 bones didnt even know it had n
    wireless built in till i activated the modem with the cable co

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