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This is just the trailer for the new Learn to Surf on a Riley Beginners’ Balsa wood Surfboard – The Sapling. Mark gives you one to one instructions on learni…
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  • Kyra Fowler 4 years ago

    Try roxy surf school

  • Jenna L 4 years ago

    Going surfing today. Hope it turns out good

  • 808razzie 4 years ago

    i want to learn but some longbosrdss are just so expensive and i would want
    to get a lesson!! but from who????

  • 808razzie 4 years ago

    meant longboard

  • Riley Balsawood 4 years ago

    There should be plenty of surf schools near where you live – but before you
    hit the water get some tips first – because the lessons are sooo expensive
    you want to make the most of them – so buy a DVD first and get some tips –
    at this web site – balsa surfboards riley dot com dot au you will progress
    so much quicker

  • Alex Brearley 4 years ago

    where is that place?

  • Riley Balsawood 4 years ago

    The bay break near Cronulla

  • pirk9876 4 years ago

    um……… kool im going to the beach tomorow

  • Lotus4271 4 years ago

    lol that looks really fun!!

  • Daniel Vazquez 4 years ago

    I’m selling my Donald Takayama long board, I will sell it cheap because it
    has two small dings that I do not want to fix because a) I will not use it
    myself anymore and b) I don’t think the local shop will fix them perfect so
    I prefer the new owner to see the very very small dings they are and be
    confident that was nothing that compromise the quality of the table. If
    interested let me know I will ask around 600 firm for it.