12 thoughts on “Kiteloops (Hooked-in) – Kitesurfing Top Tips”

  1. Progression Sports

    Annoying as it can be this repetition is a good learning technique,
    allowing you to visualise the move and imprint it on your brain so when out
    on the water its easier to re-call and work it through yourself. This is
    what mobile videos are for – that last minute homework before you head out!
    To just watch one run through of the trick check out our trick definition
    videos or get hold of a copy of Progression Advanced DVD!

  2. Very good vid! I think it helped me understund this trick very well! Thank
    you! Even though these repetitions may be a little annoying, I understund
    that they are a very good way to understund the technique better and
    imprint it in your mind! It’s a great video for a bigginer kitesurfer like
    me! Good Job!

  3. thomasXkiteXforXlife

    well it can be that repeating is a good job but that doesn’t mean that you
    have to repeat it for 13 times !!! the problem with this was that you have
    only one piece of film ! with like 3 pieces, it would have been much better!

  4. BisdremisKostas

    GOOD VIDEO!I should add that also helps if by pulling with your back hand
    you push with your front hand the bar.bent your knees during the loop also.

  5. Do you want to keep max bar pressure not letting out on the bar when you
    pull hard with back hand? My kiteloops whenever I try always look huge –
    they dont stay in one spot spot in the sky like I see others. Its like my
    kiteloop makes a huge circle not tight little ones like I see others do. I
    see people that make kiteloops in almost the same spot in the air. My loops
    are always huge. I dont know what I’m doing wrong maybe im not pulling hard
    enough or not holding it long enough?

  6. Progression Sports

    @nederlandkite sorry, maybe we should have made it clearer this vid is for
    people learning their first kiteloops. By pulling at the apex of the jump
    you far more control and more chance of landing smoothly. In the Advanced
    Dvd we take this further and talk about pulling earlier to get more extreme
    kite loops but this is not great for most people on there first attempts 🙂

  7. Progression Sports

    @BisdremisKostas Yeah pushing with your front hand can definitely help,
    whatever it takes to ensure you have the bar fully steered in one
    direction! Bending your legs, aka The Frog stance, is optional 😉

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