4 thoughts on “Aerial Transition – Kitesurfing Top Tips”

  1. Progression Sports

    I understand what your saying, but the intentions of these videos are to
    drum the key points deep into your subconscious, so you can easily recall
    what to do when you are on the water. Though it may dive you a little crazy
    it does help, or so our customer say. If it doesn’t work for you then check
    out our trick definition videos that show a single trick in full 3 times to
    give you an overall impression.

  2. thomasXkiteXforXlife

    you don’t have to repeat forever good that you repeat it once or twice but
    now i’m getting crazy of that shit !

  3. Progression Sports

    The DVDs use repetition as well, it works slightly differently as there is
    music and a wider variety of shots. These mobile videos are meant to be
    watch just before you go out on the water, to drum the points into your
    sub-conscious , where as the DVDs give alot more verbal instruction and
    explanations of why you need to do certain actions. If you’ve watched the
    DVDs then these Mobile videos make more sense and work better. But
    hopefully they do stand up on there as well.

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