Waterstart – Kitesurfing Top Tips

UPDATED VERSION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nfy-5FZGJE More info at http://go.progression.me/yt Top tips for waterstarts from Progression. View the upd…
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13 thoughts on “Waterstart – Kitesurfing Top Tips”

  1. Progression Sports

    I guess swallowing salt/lake water is a good way to motivate yourself to
    get it nailed!! The feeling of doing your first full run on the board will
    make it all worth it……

  2. gain speed before edging upwind… guess ill try that next time… oh, and
    bring fresh water, after drinkin a few mouthfulls of salt water you’ll need

  3. Progression Sports

    @ldmelo It is a leash, but this was from the original Beginner DVD which
    was filmed in 2005 when the IKO still recommended leashes to students. The
    new Beginner DVD doesn’t use leashes – we’ll have an updated Waterstart
    video up here soon.

  4. Frederik Van Praet

    You can be sure as hell that you can kitesurf anywhere in the world, if you
    can kite surf on the Northsea in Belgium.

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