In this clip from ‘My Session – Volume 1″ we show you how to go from body dragging to getting up on the board. “My Session -Volume 1” is produced and directe…
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25 thoughts on “KITEBOARDING LESSONS – How to Waterstart”

  1. And that is when you Flag out or eject the kite. Most instructors will tell
    you this rhyme: when in doubt just flag out

  2. @chanman332 mmmmm maybe second hand gear? from what i gathered its pretty
    pricy for a complete new set of kite boarding gear 2500-3000 and up. a good
    kite is around 1000-1500, but there are cheaper kites but not recommended
    good luck!

  3. Not a kiter yet after several lessons in HI. So bought a trainer for NW
    Indiana, probably similar wind. It is gusty and inconsistent. Same goes for
    inland lake sailing. Sailing on Lake Michigan is much better. You gotta
    look for the biggest flattest (no trees or buildings) place you can find
    for the wind to stabilize. Same with a lake. The bigger and more open water
    where the wind is coming from … the better.

  4. It really helps to spend a session or two just in the water flying the big
    kite on a light wind day without the board, The bigger the kite size the
    more stable and slower they are. So pick a day where there is not enough
    wind to board but enough to fly the kite and practice. Remember if you hold
    the bar in the center you are less likely to inadvertantly influence it and
    cause it to steer somewhere you dont want it to be as opposed to holding
    the bar near its end. Kite control is everything.

  5. folks, make sure you learn how to control the kite and get the kite out of
    the wind if the wind gets too strong for you!!! i i was taking lessons in
    cabarete DR when the wind went instantly from 20 knots to 47 knots
    sustained – gusts to 68 knots. wind went from side onshore (normal) to
    offshore and then to direct onshore. i was dragged and smashed in to two
    6ft waves and was nearly knocked unconsious….a 10yr kiteboarder got
    dragged 50ft in air into the trees and broke hip and back!! SERIOUS!!

  6. seriously.. how in the world do you guys get you board on your feet so
    easy!! Pisses me off LOL, I’m always fighting my board on to my feet then
    end up swinging around face to the wind 🙁

  7. The things I found most helpful learning to water start were: Keep
    consistent pressure on the bar. If you’re yanking or sheeting in and out
    throughout the water start, you’re changing around too many variables to
    succeed. Allow the nose of your board to point downwind. Start with small
    dives and work up to bigger ones until you get enough pull to lift yourself
    out the water. In light winds you may need to do multiple power strokes to
    get enough pull to lift yourself out. Have fun!

  8. Does anybody have kiting experience up in Minnesota? I tried lessons in MN
    and I never got the hang of it. I could control the kites alright, but it
    seemed that gusts would cause me to lose control. Winds are gusty up here.
    Once I was flying my trainer (10-15 mph winds) and a big gust of wind came
    and the lines broke. I also had similar problems when I was body dragging.
    I would have good control of the kite but then suddenly I was thrown from
    the water. Any thoughts?

  9. Leading Edge Productions

    hi jwhipple2000, It all comes down to kite control. If you learn to body
    drag upwind before you start to use the board, by the time you try the
    board you will be very comfortable flying the kite. Don’t worry you will
    figure it out in no time, it just takes practice.


  11. What helps me is: keep the kite at 12 oclock..get your right foot into the
    strap..carefully bring the kite to 11 oclock…the pull of the kite will
    force your left foot against the board…wiggle your foot into the strap.
    If you are swinging around…fly the kite with one hand…use the hand you
    need to help steer yourself around to point the right slightly down
    wind. Kite control is important, but be patient learning:)

  12. Ok, that was well done. Short, to the point, clear instructions and the
    instructions matched what you see on screen. Seriously. Well done.

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