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Canggu Surf School ‘How to surf’ series Lesson 7: Masterclass: bottom and top turns This video covers: Bottom and top turns The Canggu Surf School is situate…

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  • Nad Zhar 4 years ago

    this guy is the best teacher , it’s all clear . Its because he understand
    very well surfing that he can explain it very simply . good video !

  • Idris Ahmed 4 years ago

    Best teacher thanks man

  • helpfuldomains 4 years ago

    See you in Bali, thanks bro!

  • khronictac0 4 years ago

    love this dude

  • 5TA1KR 4 years ago

    The most useful surf lesson I’ve ever watched. Thank you

  • Principality Media 4 years ago

    wait, this isnt counter strike. lol

  • Kosmos Erdem 4 years ago

    This is coolest surf lesson video I seen.