Kiteboarding Lessons for Beginners : Why a C Kite Is Good To Use for Kiteboarding

There have been many upgrades in kiteboarding and one of them is the C Kite because of it ability to break and catch wind. This has broadened the playing fie…
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25 thoughts on “Kiteboarding Lessons for Beginners : Why a C Kite Is Good To Use for Kiteboarding”

  1. this is an old video—-if you look it was uploaded in 2007—–back then
    it may have been better to get a c kite than a hybrid——but now, a c
    kite is crazy hard to fly

    DUMBASS!!….damn you francisco flesqudina or whatever your name is, give
    up and go home!

  3. He is showing a Bow kite AND a SLE kite. Be careful with your definitions.
    A SLE kite, which stands for Supported Leading Edge, is any kite that has
    bridles (lines that attach to the leading edge) that are under constant
    tension when flying. Both Bow kites and Hybrid kites are SLE kites. A 5th
    line C-Kite is not a SLE kite because the 5th line does not have constant
    tension. It is just used as a safety mechanism and to assist re-launching
    the kite.

  4. C-shape for beginners? You must be kidding me! It is obviousl what all
    kinds of amateurs are “instructors” today ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. this guy cant explain anything, check out his landboarding tutorials, full
    of mistakes wich could make u end up in the hospital, all he cares about is
    advertising for his website =/ and as already sead: i sure hope he isnt a
    qualified instructor

  6. this vid is a clearexample of why you should not try to learn online, at
    the very least watch Many vids. The text talks about a c kite, he talks and
    shows a bow! Stupido!

  7. @silverarogr Hey mate, it depends on how you want to progress and what kind
    of person you are. Get back to me and ill help you out with everything,
    from getting dicsoutns at kitestores, to explaining the benifits of bow and
    c kites and their weaknesses.

  8. For any unappreciative people that are bagging this guy, why? He’s giving
    you help for free! After private lessons i can tell you that this guy knows
    what hes talking about, so what he might be a little hard to understand,
    but he’s giving up his time to help and offer tips. If you don’t like it,
    go pay 50$ an hour for a private lesson.

  9. i think i could explain it better with those 450 words left ๐Ÿ™‚ classic c :
    all 4 lines to fly are at the end of the kite (corners) shape like a C
    hybrid c : C shape but bridle system at fronttube for more depower (safer)
    (can be “trimmed” more into wind) bow : shape like “(” “bridle” at front.
    same advantage as hybrid. not as agil (better for beginners, you dont steer
    it into ground too quickly) more agility is better for loops ect (to do
    jumps, tricks) relaunch is too much to explain ๐Ÿ™

  10. what the??, The clips called why a C kite is good and then the whole clip
    is about his bow kite, way to confuse beginners

  11. @mountainboarderuk Yep it is possible, but inflateble kites are a bit
    fragile on land and need more wind than foil kites. Foil kites especialy
    race kites with fix bridle are lot better for buggykiting. Dont watch
    wideos of this guy, he is just a noobie asshole with some kind of brain
    disfunction probably.

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