Kite Surfer Jumps 100ft Brighton pier – England – Awesome

Surfer Jumps 100ft Brighton pier – England – Lewis Crathern.
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19 thoughts on “Kite Surfer Jumps 100ft Brighton pier – England – Awesome”

  1. @alanmeires. Nice one mate,good to see all the clips put together, was an
    awesome jump, don’t think I’ll be trying that anytime soon.

  2. I had my second kiteboarding lesson today, each of them half-day lessons
    after several days of sitting about waiting for wind. Sitting around is
    okay because my local shop, with whom I’m taking the lessons, is a quirky
    skate shop run by an interesting guy who, amongst other hobbies, plays
    chess on one of the two chessboards painted onto the checkout counter,
    sometimes for forfeits for the loser, including sending a teenager in a
    woman’s wetsuit and winkle pickers to buy a porno magazine, dropping in on
    a skateboard from atop the checkout counter onto a skate ramp in the close
    confines of the shop, and reverse shoplifting where they sneak items they
    no longer want from the shop into the front windows of neighbouring shops.

    This is because I live right beside an excellent beach and have no idea
    what else to do with it, and because snowboarding was my absolute favourite
    thing and I can’t do that here, nor can I afford as a student to pursue it.
    Also, with my second and final year of study about to hit me in the face,
    I strongly suspect that if I don’t have an outlet for blowing off steam,
    I’ll go mental.

    In order to minimise the amount of expensive instruction time I’d need, I
    had been diligently flying a little foil kite (loads of fun by the way, you
    can get one for about twenty quid) and watching an instructional DVD. It
    paid off! Today I got to downwind body dragging (being hauled along by the
    kite on your belly in the water, launching into the air and splashing down
    hard when making a mistake), body dragging sideways (you can use your body
    as a keel to direct yourself upwind), and got up on the board briefly, with
    my best run being a modest four seconds or so, before an equipment problem
    cut the session short. I drank a lot of seawater and had a blast; even at
    its worst, splashing about in the water and flying a kite is great.
    Instructor guy is pleased with my progress and reckons that with another
    half-hour or so of instruction (basically what we missed from today when my
    binding strap came loose and my lines tangled) I’ll be good to go and
    practise practise practise until I’m up and riding comfortably, and he’s
    offered to meet me on his own time and make sure that happens.

    For those with only a vague idea of what kitesurfing is and what the appeal
    might be about, I enclose a video of a dude who apparently took some of his
    beginner lessons from my instructor jumping over Brighton motherfucking
    pier. It’s not particularly a good idea, but it’s damn cool.

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