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Guys at a beach get flung in the air by a huge kite in high winds while flying a huge power kite.

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  • TrumPimp95 3 years ago

    Misleading title. Smh. Another thumbs down for you.

  • fatboymig1 3 years ago

    Great vid guys.

  • Wayne Cummings 3 years ago

    I have bought a Pansh ace 5m as my first power kite. The very first kite I
    bought was a HQ symphony 1.3m and that was a laugh on a windy day. Then I
    read the reviews and every one says ‘ 5m and above if you want to have fun,
    3m or less if you want to train ‘. But lets be honest, boredom soon sets in
    on anything under 4m so why not go bigger?! Thanks guys!! That made a white
    guy in the UK laugh! Appreciated. Peace. 

  • Rez Sublime 3 years ago

    funny thanks

  • Soundcomplex 3 years ago

    Well, these guys dont let go, thats for sure!^^

    Although there are better ways to use a traction kite, but it looks fun.
    Good luck that nobody got hurt.

  • Hamza Ashraf 3 years ago

    Epic ! These brothers are on a next level ! :D

  • Est. 1886 3 years ago

    What’s the point of pulling on that kite? Run, jump and have a go son!
    Doesn’t matter if you end up in New Zealand! 

  • dougie howser 3 years ago

    Who gives sh!t why and how, the beach is empty therefore no danger to
    anyone but themselves. Now about their form, again who cares, they are
    having a f@cking good time. I think a fair number of you are upset that
    these guys aren’t white, but maybe just maybe, Iranian and that Iranians
    might want to have fun like anyone else pisses you off. Wait I didn’t see
    any alcohol or tobacco or weed or anything other than some friends having a
    good time with no else around. These guys are probably other than Iranians
    anyway so shut up and let them have their fun.

  • Manuel Galnares Milano 3 years ago


  • lacrymal1 3 years ago

    I love it. Only because I’ve been drug across a park on my face flying one
    of those.

  • Der Wopper 3 years ago

    He doesn’t even know how to hold the lines….

  • Smokie Drift 3 years ago

    Stuff the haters I love this video bro it made me laugh soo hard

  • Cyril Adams 3 years ago

    2:54 no more Super Dry :D

  • Andrew Drescher 3 years ago

    Every flyer had the killers on, I think this was done in a pretty
    controlled and safe(ish) way, I reckon these guys knew the potential and so
    it all ended well. Yep the description is wrong (surfers!!??) and there
    were some bystanders downwind at times, we all get that now and again!
    Altogether loads of FUN! Keep it up :-)

  • cross marian 3 years ago

    i need to get one to do that it looks like fun:)

  • Fr3ak00 3 years ago

    dangerous, stupid and not kitesurfing at all in the first place. idiots
    like this get hurt and they close beaches for real kiters. ps: if u learn
    the basics you can really jump with a kite it’s like 100000 more fun than
    what u’re doing

  • 2:51 “Superdry” I think not.

  • Twintersroxs 3 years ago

    First of all thats a buggy kite two yr holding the lines wrong three get a
    trainer kite and learn to fly that then u might know how to control that
    and man I’d hate to see you guys with a real kite

  • Martin Scott 3 years ago

    What a bunch of morons.

  • Maximilian Rodliff 3 years ago

    all standing downwind next to lines waiting to get there heads lacerated

  • Mrswaper 3 years ago


  • Dave Thomas 3 years ago

    This isn’t a kitesurf kite at all, its a buggy kite. I would have started
    with a smaller one and moved up to that size.

  • zalex820 3 years ago

    These guys are idiots!!! People like them are the reason the great sport of
    power kiting, kiteboarding and snowkiting are getting banned in lots of
    places. These dumbasses buy kites on ebay have no idea was size and in what
    winds to use these things and they end up getting hurt or worse. They
    banned most of our spots here in NY due to dumbasses. 

  • yannthedrummer 3 years ago

    this is so gay

  • Alex Portman 3 years ago

    What a bunch of morons, seriously damaging conception of power kites