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  1. I am sorry for my ignorance, I am from Florida and just the thought of
    surfing on a big day with a longboard is ludicrous. In Florida there are
    only beach breaks no point breaks so there is no paddling around the break
    to get to the waves. Thanks for putting it into perspective

  2. Doesn’t matter how i spelled you know who im talking about and the board by
    looking at the model ITP I know him and he is happy with this video thats
    all that counts!!

  3. This board has rounded rails, a thin nose and is very versatile. But surf
    techs suck; they have zero flex, they are too light, and combine that with
    the smooth plastic-like finish, they bounce and skip across any surface
    texture on the wave. Plus they aren’t “shaped”, they are simply “pop-out”.
    It’s rumored many are made in Asia. The poly In The pinks are arguably the
    best performance nose riders out there, but I’d rather ride a boogie board
    than a surf tech.

  4. If you think to much about what your doing while your surfing its what you
    have at the moment of you arrival if the waves are going off and you only
    have one board then you better be thinking about getting some of those good
    waves life is to short so go surf and have a great time!

  5. Remember this before there where any other kinds of boards it was all
    longboards that surfed in every kind of surf and if it wasn’t for the
    hawaiian wave riders there would not be surfing they paved the way for
    surfing today and i never struggle i get into bigger and better waves then
    that on long boards try surfing Jaws on you little board?

  6. NNNOOOO!!!!! This board has a pretty flat rocker which is not very
    forgiving on takeoffs and choppy surf. Look for something with more rocker.
    The low rocker helps on takeoffs and noseriding but make this a board for
    intermediate surfers or better. This is actually a larger high performance
    longboard that was designed specifically to be nose ridden, or the other
    way around…a nose rider with crisp rails and narrower tail for
    performance surfing.

  7. I looks like he really struggled with riding in those big swells. I know
    Those kinds of longboards are not meant to be ridding in that type of swell
    to begin with and this is just trying to prove that the board “Can” be
    ridden in big surf, but isn’t really meant to. Can some one put some input
    about this?

  8. Yeah, sorta. You need an all around type of board. I just suggested the
    Dino due to the comment that SurftechHI left regarding it. Some performance
    boards are high performance and present there own problems for beginners.
    Your best bet is to find a good board salesperson who isn’t just trying to
    sell you a board. Look for someone who is willing to discuss different
    board types and is trying to put you on the right board.

  9. Thank you for the information. So it might be easier to learn on a more
    performance type longboard than a noserider due to more rocker?

  10. You can ride what ever fin set up you like it all depends on the waves your
    surfing the 2 + 1 is for bigger waves more stable and if you want to loosen
    it up faster turns thruster fin are better get it thrust speed faster turns
    single slower more traditional like old school.

  11. gotillyoucantgonomo

    do most people ride the in the pink with a 2 + 1 fin set up or just 1? what
    is the difference in performance

  12. The takayama is a good investment but the performance aspect is the low
    point, try puting in a smaller center fin with two small side fins

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