Immersion Freediving PFI Intermediate Freediver Course Video of Immersion Freediving PFI Intermediate Freediver Course. Shows pool sessions where students learn free diving safety and how to hold their breath…
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25 thoughts on “Immersion Freediving PFI Intermediate Freediver Course”

  1. The average student after this course does a 4-5 minutes breath hold in the
    pool and the average student does a 100ft free dive.

  2. @ethanhwrd No you dont’ need to be able to scuba dive. Many of my students
    have never been scuba certified.

  3. awesome! so if I go to apnoea class and I holda my breath for 2:20 at the
    end I will hold it 4 minutes? is it true?

  4. free diving is necessary in all countries to hunt or fish underwater. it is
    illegal to hunt or fish underwater with a scuba tank

  5. @MrPitsj0sjakkanit0 Buddy find a free dive course nearby if you can, just
    remember never free dive alone, always have a competent buddy watching you
    jsut in case something goes wrong so they can rescue you!

  6. what is teach in this class that make you go deeper? i haven’t free dive
    spearfishing in a long time and i wanna go back. when i start it the more
    you go the deeper you can go but it takes time this make it look like is
    ina short time.

  7. is there any classes in honolulu a spear fisher and can hold my
    breath for 2.30 .ide like to stay down longer

  8. I can go down around 80-100 feet probably and can hold my breath for about
    3 min. in a pool. I’ve never taken a course but know some common sense
    stuff and recently learned about lung expansion on assent taking O2 back
    from your circulating blood. Is there a good article on the internet to
    learn more? Or would taking a free diving class really prove beneficial?

  9. MrPitsj0sjakkanit0

    @ImmersionFD Thank you very mutch for your information, I will definitely
    look for one, keep on going with those great vids! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Freediver Youbuur

    Wow you are really good at this! A little bit deeper than what I do in my
    videos hehe ! I have just started my channel and I upload videos from when
    I travel and also some gear reviews and how tos for those who are
    interested! Keep diving and be safe!

  11. Uhm i cant spearfish But this year im going to try in Thailand!!! IF you
    want you can watch my freediving video!!!

  12. MrPitsj0sjakkanit0

    Nice vid! I’m an advanced open water diver, but I want to learn how to
    freedive because I think it’s awesome to have such a control over your
    body, do you have any tips/sites for me? I can hold my breath for 2.16
    minutes above water at the moment and I’m 16 years old. I hope you have
    some for me ๐Ÿ˜‰

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