Share Button Video of Immersion Freediving PFI Intermediate Freediver Course. Shows pool sessions where students learn free diving safety and how to hold their breath…
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  • taylor stevens 3 years ago

    My tia and I are taking a course this year together. I am so excited!

  • jammin1033 3 years ago

    i can hold my breath for 4 minutes, and dive 80ft.. could i make 100ft?

  • tony elia 3 years ago

    i am 12 can i take the course i can already dive to like 40ft

  • ImmersionFD 3 years ago

    I run classes in Fort Lauderdale year round. Call me at 954-324-4444 or
    visit the website.

  • 1234tarro 3 years ago

    love it im a spearo but now want to focus on freediving.. whats the song

  • ImmersionFD 3 years ago

    Absolutely! Once you learned the techniques I teach should have no problems
    with 100ft.

  • tony elia 3 years ago

    cool man do you spearfish?

  • ImmersionFD 3 years ago

    The average student after this course does a 4-5 minutes breath hold in the
    pool and the average student does a 100ft free dive.

  • ImmersionFD 3 years ago

    @ethanhwrd No you dont’ need to be able to scuba dive. Many of my students
    have never been scuba certified.

  • Alex Avramov 3 years ago

    im 12 too i have learned the first steps my personal best is 50 ft

  • Ivan Huang 3 years ago

    4 minutes for the first time? OMG I can hold breath for 40 seconds. Sad for

  • Kimono Team 3 years ago

    awesome! so if I go to apnoea class and I holda my breath for 2:20 at the
    end I will hold it 4 minutes? is it true?

  • Shon Broedell 3 years ago

    Great song !!! Who is the artist and title

  • CHANMIandDAVID 3 years ago

    free diving is necessary in all countries to hunt or fish underwater. it is
    illegal to hunt or fish underwater with a scuba tank

  • johan420 3 years ago

    hey i live in miami dade and im interested in taking up freediving, and
    classes nearby?

  • James 3 years ago

    @MrPitsj0sjakkanit0 Buddy find a free dive course nearby if you can, just
    remember never free dive alone, always have a competent buddy watching you
    jsut in case something goes wrong so they can rescue you!

  • locotte 3 years ago

    what is teach in this class that make you go deeper? i haven’t free dive
    spearfishing in a long time and i wanna go back. when i start it the more
    you go the deeper you can go but it takes time this make it look like is
    ina short time.

  • cameron .R 3 years ago

    is there any classes in honolulu a spear fisher and can hold my
    breath for 2.30 .ide like to stay down longer

  • Bradley Wade 3 years ago

    I can go down around 80-100 feet probably and can hold my breath for about
    3 min. in a pool. I’ve never taken a course but know some common sense
    stuff and recently learned about lung expansion on assent taking O2 back
    from your circulating blood. Is there a good article on the internet to
    learn more? Or would taking a free diving class really prove beneficial?

  • MrPitsj0sjakkanit0 3 years ago

    @MrPitsj0sjakkanit0 And I live in the Netherlands 😉

  • JetJockey87 3 years ago

    Mammalian Diving Reflex. Look it up. Interesting stuff!

  • MrPitsj0sjakkanit0 3 years ago

    @ImmersionFD Thank you very mutch for your information, I will definitely
    look for one, keep on going with those great vids! 😉

  • Freediver Youbuur 3 years ago

    Wow you are really good at this! A little bit deeper than what I do in my
    videos hehe ! I have just started my channel and I upload videos from when
    I travel and also some gear reviews and how tos for those who are
    interested! Keep diving and be safe!

  • Alex Avramov 3 years ago

    Uhm i cant spearfish But this year im going to try in Thailand!!! IF you
    want you can watch my freediving video!!!

  • MrPitsj0sjakkanit0 3 years ago

    Nice vid! I’m an advanced open water diver, but I want to learn how to
    freedive because I think it’s awesome to have such a control over your
    body, do you have any tips/sites for me? I can hold my breath for 2.16
    minutes above water at the moment and I’m 16 years old. I hope you have
    some for me 😉