Immersion Freediving PFI Intermediate Course March 22

Immersion Freediving PFI Intermediate Course March 22 This video shows what goes on during my 4 day freediving course the was from March in 2012. 1:09 Mike comes up from 5:07 b…

19 thoughts on “Immersion Freediving PFI Intermediate Course March 22”

  1. I’ve had too many students to count over 50 doing 100ft freedives. I have
    one student that weight about 260 and is doing 100ft freedives. This is a
    sport all about technique not fitness.

  2. hey I really want to get better and I cant hold my breath long at all. is
    there any tips you can give me that will help me out? If so please tell me

  3. Awesome video! I’m finally getting to do a freediving course this October
    and I’m so excited. Any tips how I could prepare before starting the
    course? I have a pool, but unfortunately nobody who could watch me, so
    wouldn’t try it there. Any “dry” exersises I could do? The urge to breathe
    kicks in after like 30 seconds… is this gonna change with training or
    will I just have to learn to get used to it?

  4. The class you take will help you. The best thing to do is read the manual
    and be ready to learn! Check out some of my more recent videos, they are
    much better than this one. I even have a video of my dog Sammy talking a
    course. After you take the course I would still be willing to train with
    you so stay in touch!

  5. Great video, it’s good to see you are releasing people’s potential , and
    making their dreams come true…! Good work guys.

  6. Lol im 13 and i hold my breath most times for about 2 minutes. The key is
    relaxing. What i do is dry static to practice, there should be a guy on
    youtube naned freediver HD and he has good tutorials for this kind of thing.

  7. Part 3 : I think this sport was made for me but now I am too old and out of
    shape to attempt such a sport. With training I can only imagine what I
    might of done in such a sport. Great video and thanks for posting it , you
    are doing great things.

  8. If you took my entry level program, about 60 ft. remember never hold your
    breath underwater with out someone trained in freediving rescue watching
    you. Lifeguards don’t cut it. Check out my video from last weekend, its
    under course videos called july ocean session got a great shot of a baby
    sea horse.

  9. I WISH it was my sport. I want to be able to do something like that, but as
    of now my breath holding record is only 56 seconds. :- but then again, I’m
    just a week in to being thirteen and I guess I still have time to get

  10. Part one : I wish they had this sport 35 years ago. When I was a teen
    living on the coast of Florida I use to snorkel dive and spear fish in up
    to 35 feet of water with my friends in the summers. I soon learned that I
    could hold my breath two to three times longer than any of my dive buddy’s.
    They started timing me and the longest I stayed down was four minutes and
    fifteen seconds , that was with a five pound weight belt to get at a
    neutral weight and I was spearing fish while I was down.

  11. stupidchannel1000

    So if I lived far away I would have to travel where you are or what. And I
    can see that thirteen year olds can take the course. Anyways.

  12. Part 2 : At age 51 I discovered while having a DNA test I have a rare
    blood disorder (HB Sunshine Seth and and new unnamed one) and with much
    testing it has been determined that all my body’s tissue is mutated to
    function at a low pulse oxygen level with no ill effects.I guess that makes
    me a true mutant ..ha ha ! My normal pulse ox reading is 75 to 80 and
    during sleep apnea tests has been recorder as low as 50 with no ill effects.

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