Ever wonder what goes on in a freediving class?

Freediving classes run year round in Fort Lauderdale http://www.Immersionfreediving.com Freediving classes year round in Fort Lauderdale. Find more info @ http://www.Immersionfreediving.com…
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25 thoughts on “Ever wonder what goes on in a freediving class?”

  1. مبروك البريكي

    that a good class. In my country its 20 student with 2 instructors and its
    only for 3 days. 

  2. very few places teach a formalized freediving class. I teach my classes in
    Fort Lauderdale. Most of my students come from all over the US and even
    other countries.

  3. W. Brian Belcher

    Does anybody know what this song is? I’ve tried plugging what lyrics I can
    discern into a search engine but I keep coming up with nada. I find it
    compelling and I really want to hear all of it. Thank you in advance if you
    share the answer!

  4. stupidchannel1000

    Do standard diveshops teach this. Because I have one in my town. But I
    don’t know if they teach this class or not. I know they teach diving
    because I’m certified. But do they teach this class?

  5. To train with me you would need to sign up for one of my fort lauderdale
    classes on my website Immersion Freediving

  6. I’m slowly learning the #1 rule of video editing. cut cut cut, shorter,
    shorter, shorter. This same video used to be 4 minutes long!

  7. I want to get started with free-diving this summer, I’m only 16 and I live
    in Dayton,Ohio. Does anyone know of an instructor who is willing to travel
    or meet me halfway somewhere to train? Or is that just out of the question
    for me?

  8. I love scuba diving but I’m too much of a fat bastard to be able to
    freedive haha. You guys truly are talented. Amazing skill.

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