How To Kitesurf In Strong Winds – Kiteboarding Technique Tips

For more kitesurfing tips check out Whether it’s too much wind or too little wind kitesurfing can sometimes be a frustrating spor…

6 thoughts on “How To Kitesurf In Strong Winds – Kiteboarding Technique Tips”

  1. Progression Sports

    Sorry only just saw this comment! The full chapter, available on the
    Intermediate Volume 1 DVD or through the Progression Player iOS app, covers
    the 4 main areas to focus on when learning to ride over powered.

  2. Progression Sports

    @AC4DC007007 The full chapter in our Progression Kiteboarding Intermediate
    Volume 1 DVD covers all the tips. There is also an interesting discussion
    on our Facebook Fan page with ideas for other tips…

  3. Progression Sports

    Very common mistake, keep the kite low and dig in the board edge 🙂 Let us
    know how you get on next times its really windy!

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