Learn To Kitesurf DVD & Mobile Videos – English – Progression Kiteboarding Beginner

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25 thoughts on “Learn To Kitesurf DVD & Mobile Videos – English – Progression Kiteboarding Beginner”

  1. i think that it is for everyone but at the same time it´s not, you define
    ths sport like “easy” and for “everyone” when really it´s not. You do have
    to be fit, more than an average person, you will see it when you have to
    swim in the deep with a fallen kite, looking for the window that will lift
    it up, or just learning after 2 hours of instruction, you have to know how
    to swim, you HAVE to be fit, you need strong abs just to put the board on
    in the water, etc,strong legs, knees, ancles…

  2. Spent two days having lessons, and it was great. Just getting up and going
    now. The DVD was really useful. Thanks

  3. Progression Sports

    flyfalcon91 – If you have the board skills then you will find getting up on
    the board and progressing towards intermediate level will be much easier.
    Learning how to fly a kite however is just as important, particularly as a
    beginner as it can be fatal to put up a 10m kite and not know how to
    control it. As good as our DVD is we still recommend 1 or 2 days of lessons
    to learn those key kite skills, bringing you up to to the waterstart.
    Practising with power kites nearer home would also be good.

  4. I live right of the lake and i really want to do this i snowboard so this
    is something that interests me even more. Everywhere i read it says it is
    important to have an instructor and i agree things are much easier when
    someone is there to tell you stuff but the closest school i have for
    kitebording is 3 hours away. Will this DVD help me with the gear i need to
    buy and just getting into the water and doing this safely?

  5. Progression Sports

    @TheMissionkill Easter is a great time to learn, assuming we get some good
    wind! Then you’ll have all spring and summer to get the basics mastered and
    there is no reason by the end if the summer you’ll be riding around,
    staying upwind and even learn to jump. As always just depends on getting
    the right conditions. As far as lessons go, one day maybe enough but listen
    to your instructor – trying to cut your lessons short will only result you
    struggling on your own for days or weeks. Have fun 🙂

  6. Progression Sports

    I also don’t think it demerits the sport, or the accomplishments of those
    within it, to say its “easy” and for “everyone”. If you kite at the right
    beach, with constant gentle wind, flat water & the correct equipment then
    most person of average fitness can cruise back and forward and enjoy
    themselves. But if you kite in strong, gusty winds, waves, current, places
    with small beaches and difficult launches, attempt to push yourself to try
    different tricks then its not “easy” just a lot of fun 😉

  7. This is a great DVD. I highly recommend it, especially for those about to
    take lessons. It helps a lot with what to expect from a course and
    introduces you to lots of new kite jargon and procedure. And after the
    course it can help fill in any blanks. Enjoy

  8. Progression Sports

    I guess our point is the sport is “relatively” easy and far for the
    perception that many people have of the sport. We only say “you don’t have
    to be super-fit”, we hope that implicitly implies that you do need some
    level of fitness to take part in Kitesurfing – I doubt anyone would ever
    think to compare kitesurfing to a sport like, say, darts 😉 Surely its
    very obviously a certain level of fitness is required but nothing out of
    the ordinary.

  9. well, after 10 yrs experience you should know everything what a beginner
    should know, shouldn’t you? lol what I don’t get it, why you’re bragging
    here about it? You are definitely not a beginner and you just waste your
    time at the wrong place here. Secondly, when you do something to the kite
    sport like this then you can criticize it, other then shut a f up! It’s
    funny, non of the professional kite instructors noted here anything, so you
    definietly a dumb amateur for me!

  10. Going to buy the DVD to watch soon, but would you say that Easter in the UK
    (At Bournemouth/Poole) is a good time to take a day of lessons to get
    started. [I already windsurf and can fly a land power kite so know a bit
    about the power zone etc, so could I do just one day of lessons to get me
    on the water with my own kitesurfing kit?]

  11. you should release new dvd with new teaching techniques, 3D filming & so;
    that would be awesome and really great for learning; Your videos are
    getting quite old, they are great but a new release would be sooooooo good

  12. The advertising linking to this video says “Learning to kitesurf? Watch the
    first chapter from the worlds best selling Beginner DVD” but it’s not what
    we see here.

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