How to Surf: Beginners Surf Guide

This is a video I did for my year-long project at school.
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25 thoughts on “How to Surf: Beginners Surf Guide”

  1. You just taught us something about ‘surf etiqutte’ .. Thanks! I would have
    never known and just gone on a wave… But then again, I dont surf, but I
    am trying to learn 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  2. Hey, great video. This is actually full of really subtle, helpful tips that
    I’ve never seen before on a lot of other surf videos. Really glad you
    posted this.

  3. It is kinda hard to own a longboard and learn on them but you would be
    surprised how much fun they can be! They arent for just learning like some
    guys rip really hard on them. And in general longboards have a pretty good
    resale value so if you want to sell it and buy a short board. It depends on
    the shape and the dimensions for stability.

  4. word of advise im not hating on you your helping a lot of people but you
    surf left to right not straight to the shore waves break at an angle so
    ride the angle

  5. Thanks! That means a lot to me! Surfing can be difficult at first, but if
    you keep doing it, it gets easier and you become better. If you have any
    questions, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message. Thanks

  6. thanks! , well if you’re just starting out surfing I’d recommend renting
    boards first since you have some experience in the ocean but try out some
    longboards first. A 9’0 would be good, they can catch waves easily and are
    excellent to learn on and that is what I learned on. Rent some boards and
    try them out first before you buy a board of that style (shortboard,
    longboard, fish etc). Usually you don’t wanna start on a shortboard but
    doesn’t hurt to rent one and give it a try if you want to.

  7. Hey man thanks for catching that, I didn’t even realize it haha. Sometimes
    it comes naturally for people to go right or left, or for me at did just
    from watching other people surf. But thanks I’ll put an annotation in there
    about that

  8. Most of the time 7 foot shortboards are guns which are made for big waves.
    Do some research online and you’ll be able to figure out if the board youre
    looking at is a gun or short board. Stability matters about the dimensions
    of the surfboard for example 5’8 tall 20 inches wide and 2.5 inches thick.
    The wider the board generally the more stable but I would suggest renting a
    longboard and if you have that down and deside you want to get a shortboard
    start with a fish board which is easier to use.

  9. The first time you stand up on a surf board is one of the best feelings in
    the world. Don’t get discouraged. If you’re just learning and are not
    familiar with water sports, then just whitewater waves at first then as you
    get better you can start to catch waves before they break. Hope this helps,
    message me if you have anymore questions.

  10. thanks mate, and yeah i was thinking renting before buying would be the way
    to go. Everything iv read online says that begineers should start on
    longboards, but is it still possible to start on a shortboard and skip the
    phase of owning and learning on a longbaord? i was looking and some
    shortboards around the 7 foot margin, would these still be relatively
    stable compared to a 5’8 shortboard? thanks again

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