GoPro Tip | NEW Surfboard Mount

GoPro Tip | NEW Surfboard Mount

Watch in HD | Quick tips & help on how & where to attach your GoPro surfboard mount for best footage and stability. Using the New GoPro surfboard mounts. Sur…
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25 thoughts on “GoPro Tip | NEW Surfboard Mount”

  1. I want to install my GoPro surfboard mount, but the noses of my shortboards
    are all convex. The plastic surf mount doesn’t flex enough to create a
    solid bond. The only solution I can think of would be fiber glass the nose
    and sand it down till it’s level. Does anyone else have this problem?

  2. Hi guys. I made a DIY surfboard mount that is reusable and doesn’t leave
    any residue. Check it out on my channel. Thanks.

  3. Great Video. but what do you do if you want to take it off and re use it?
    isn’t glue on the bottom of mount worn out?

  4. I bought a surf mount but my board is not flat on the center next to the
    nose, I would have to put the mount on the side where its flat.. Will the
    angle still be good?

  5. are the knots you tie with the leash string easy to undo so i can take off
    the gopro housing off the board or does it just stay on there

  6. Hey Lads. Thanks for the vid. After watching this, I had a little trouble
    with the leash onto the housing as well, so I left the backdoor on and
    instead used a little bit of sewing cotton looped through the leash and
    then fed the ends of the cotton through the gap between the housing and the
    backdoor. Then just pulled the cotton and the leash followed through the
    gap. Don’t know if that makes sense but hope it might help someone if their
    having trouble.

  7. they are made for the water so Ive never had a problem.The inventor
    designed it primarily for surfing so u can trust it bro.

  8. Helpful video, thanks! I’m new with go pro… Can I leave the mount on the
    board and film several days? how long does it stay? Can I take it off and
    keep it to use with another board? Also, I think it has to be removed with
    heat (hairdryer), doesn’t it?

  9. Jordi Alberti Viñas

    Nice vid dude! But I do have a big problem with my surfboard, the center
    part it’s not flat, so the adhesive surface doesn’t grip really well
    because of lack of touch. What could I do? I tryed to file a bit but I’m
    afraid I will brake the board.. Thanks

  10. Hey Macca, I don’t have the 3 but it is hard trying to get the leash on. It
    took me a couple minutes pushing and moving the leash but it should snap
    in. U have to pull the leash really tight and keep it centre while pushing
    the back on. good luck, let me know how u go.

  11. I have never had a problem, just surfed Cloudbreak in Fiji with it and got
    pretty smash out out there on some bomb sets and not a problem. As long as
    you use the mounts that I used in my video you will be fine. Have ya plug
    in locking the mount in place and have your leash attached to the 2nd plug
    at the back then all your safety devices are covered!

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