25 thoughts on “Gabriel Medina pulls highest air in surf history”

  1. I think at some point this kind of circus acrobatic surfing become a boring
    cliche I just as soon watch grass grow as see another BIG air by some bozo
    with a BIG ego

  2. Medina is the biggest asshole, meet him and you will understand. im sure
    you could find compilations on youtube of him snaking people too.

  3. Yup. Nice air and all, but you should watch some footage of Bruce irons,
    Ozzie wright, Matt meola, dion agius…. You might enjoy this footage. You
    might also reconsider different title for your post. Not trying to be a
    dick, just trying to turn you on to some of the biggest airs in surfing
    history. Let’s not forget CLAY MARZO! Or Dane Reynolds, or Kelly slater, or
    taj burrow…

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