Night surfing Pipeline w/ Irons, O’Brien, and Walsh

Red Bull surfers Ian Walsh, Bruce Irons and Jamie O’Brien shake up the game with a night session at Pipeline. _ Experience the worl…

25 thoughts on “Night surfing Pipeline w/ Irons, O’Brien, and Walsh”

  1. The lights actually blind you even more and there’s a depth perception
    malfunction meaning you can’t see how far things are. Glow sticks next your
    face blind you. And when some kook shows up with his high beams, he blinds
    everyone. One time at some SoCal point break at night five (5) surfers got
    bit by sharks and one lost his foot and another lost a finger. Man it was
    like piranha shark night. Where’s that funny night surfing vid?

  2. ok sharks feed at dawn and late evening. not at night thats a myth. they
    feed all day to. surfing pipline even in the day is fukin scary with that
    reef lol. but night surfinga at a beach break is fun. but use the buddy

  3. does anyone know the name of the song?? I’m dying to know! also AWESOME
    video 🙂 I <3 Ian Walsh, he's hot!!!!! xD

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