Fred Rubble Surfboard Review Channel Islands Fred Rubble surfboard reviewed by Matt.
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25 thoughts on “Fred Rubble Surfboard Review”

  1. im 5’7 and 125. i looking to custom order my freddy and set it up as a
    quad. im not sure if i should go 5’7 or 5’8 on the board, but i think im
    gonna go 18 3/8×2 1/8 on rail/thickness. does this sound right? the board
    will be used for waist to a foot or 2 overhead. I’m an solid intermediate
    rider. advice is much apprieciated

  2. the Surf Station

    5’6 would not be too big, it would be ideal. Are you still growing? What
    type of board is your 5’6 epoxy?

  3. @SurfStationReports i usually ride a fish tale, size is 5’8, not sure on
    the width, its pretty thick though. i usually ride it in smaller waves. im
    just looking for a faster board, and more capable for bigger waves. And the
    board above seemed pretty nice.

  4. surf station i am 5’5 and im 100 lbs, i want one of these boards but im
    afraid the 5’6 will be to big for me what do u recommend?

  5. Emerica Martins

    Yes I think im still growing haha, and my 5’6 epoxy is a local shaper’s
    that he set up for me. It looks/rides like a Proton with a KS Semi-Pro nose
    and rocker. Maybe a little bit thicker than a Proton but not by too much.
    Thanks for the reply

  6. the Surf Station

    @KingofNewYork31 King, depending on your experience level probably 5’8 –
    5’10. What do you typically ride?

  7. @SurfStationReports i’ve been surfing for 2 years, the fish is fun, just
    looking for something different. i have a couple times on my buddies board

  8. the Surf Station

    @MrCROFTON7 hey, your supposed to ride them about 2 inches shorter then
    your standard shortboard. So i think either the 5’6 or 5’8 for you. Check
    our website and chat with us if you have any questions

  9. I just bought the robber and I live in Florida. It has been a great board
    so far and absolutely love riding it. It’s a 5 9

  10. parkerjohnson22

    I’m 5’11 165lbs pretty muscular build. Intermediate level looking to
    progress. I surf southern california beach breaks in the 2ft to overhead
    range. What size do you recommend for the Fred Rubble and DFR?

  11. Surf station I am 5’7 130 and am looking at Fred rubble. What would you
    recommend. I ride east coast md fl de.

  12. Chase Bomeisler

    Hey how are these boards need a new board has anyone tried any other ci
    models that they recommend

  13. the Surf Station

    @SurfSuperProd For your size, you should be riding the 5’6″. At 2 1/16″
    thick it isnt too thick to hinder your performance and will allow you to
    grow into it for a while. Please let me know if you are interested as we
    can ship one of these (5’8″ and under) for free if you live in the
    continental USA. They retail for $649.00. -MattO support@surf-station. com

  14. the Surf Station

    The WCT is a very popular thruster template as well as the AM1. If you
    wanted a 5 fin set, you might go with the Josh Mulcoy set.

  15. the Surf Station

    @zachariahm10 For sure, it’s going to feel quite different from your fish.
    How long have you been surfing? Have you ridden many performance thrusters?

  16. hey i am 5’7 about 155-160 pounds, these boards are looking pretty sweet.
    and i’m thinking about getting one. what do you recommend?

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