25 thoughts on “Duck Diving a Longboard”

  1. Nice! It’s been tough getting a longboard underwater for a dive, but what
    you’re showing obviously works great! Thanks for the demo

  2. need help duck diving on 6’10 board shaped like a shortboard. Can I try
    this technique and will it work in waves 5ft or so…?

  3. @NYSexyRexy- if you’re unable to dip a 6’10 shortboard it may be that the
    board is too wide and thick or you simply need to go to the gym or start
    doing some push-ups. This technique is used for boards that are long and

  4. Hey nice video, you seem to be getting nice clearance under the wave with
    your technique, I’m 75kg and ride an 8″6 mini-mal, is this method still
    effective in waves 4ft and over? At the moment bailing the board is the
    most effective way for me to minimise being pushed back to shore when the
    set waves roll through. It upsets the short-boarders sometimes!

  5. Ummmm… Okay. Thanks for the random useless comment. This video just so
    happens to highlight how to help out longboards frustrated with their
    current technique of getting through small to mid-size waves. If someone
    has to search how to duckdive Teahupo’o I’m assuming their shitty surfers
    to begin with. But hey, next time I just do happen to be in Tahiti I’ll
    make sure I GoPro the shit outta that surf trip.

  6. It’s amazing how you can see all aspects of the technique you describe,
    from dropping an edger first, and then toeing down the back of the board.
    Thanks for the great vid.

  7. Great Tip!!! I’m 6’6″ and 250 and just got a 10′ longboard (been on hybrid
    boards for a while now-never had a real longboard but I really love it).
    Wasn’t crazy about turtle rolls but I am going to practice this. Thanks

  8. Well it looks like he tilts to the right everytime to get the actual tip
    underwater. I mean I still turtle when I do longboard, but I really gotta
    try this out

  9. hey mate, thanks so much for sharing this. I’m still a begginer and your
    vid is giving me an idea about how to dive my 7′ 6″ 🙂

  10. I totally flip my head as if I have hair. I surfed for about 14 years with
    hair and then shaved my head and haven’t had hair since. Yet I still flip
    my head. I can’t explain it.

  11. Nice vid. I’m excited to give it a try. I’m a big guy 6’4″ 265 and use the
    same technique on my 7’0″ “shortboard”. Having to turtle roll has always
    made me not want to longboard especially on big days but I’m grapping a
    9’4″ Aipa BBS and give this a shot. Thanks man!

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