25 thoughts on “Surf Lessons : Duck Diving”

  1. Any tips on how to avoid getting hit by waves with a bigger surf board? I
    have a 7 ‘ surfboard and I can’t perform the duck dive. Please answer!
    There are going to be big waves tomorrow and I don’t want to have a bad
    time with wipeouts!!

  2. Saw that you were commenting about making your channel more active again.
    Any tips for turning? I ride a 6-8 twin fin, been surfing for 5 years, and
    im fiine with catching waves but my turns are sloppy. Any tips would be
    appreciated. I also just moved to Hawaii where the waves are 3-4X the size
    of the ones I’m used to on the east coast. Sorry for the long message 🙂

  3. If it’s a traditional fiberglass shortboard, it will be pretty easy. If
    you’re unsure, just test it out in any flat water, and if you can
    straighten your arms and get the board completely underwater, you can duck

  4. @nirvezz its a fun but im thinking of getting a performance soon, only
    thing is where i live they r really overpriced :/ guess i will have to save
    up 😛

  5. if its a small board its a body board its hard when on a surf boared
    believe me iv tried and all i can say is i failed

  6. theres nothing to be afraid of, im in australia and always see stingrays,
    ect. the other day i saw one that was around 2 metres wide when i was
    spearfishing, nothing to be afraid of

  7. Hi! I’m almost 12 and I really want to surf. The beach is 30 min away from
    me. There is a surfboard for sale that I want, it’s 6 foot 8 but i don’t
    know if that size is good for beginners is it? p.s. I think I’m 4 foot 7

  8. depends on how good you are naturally. I started standing up like an hour
    after I first got onto a board, but it took my friend like a two weeks. Two
    things you really need to be good at are popping up and balance. Luckily
    those things are relatively easy to learn by just doing little drills like
    10 correct pop ups every night before you go to bed or something. Just make
    it a real goal, always try to get better no matter where you are and not
    just only when you’re at the beach. Good Luck!

  9. I was wondering if u need a certain size surfboared for it to be able to
    duck dive i have a 6’8 in height and 22 inches accross boared and i just
    can’t seem to push it completey under the water for the wave to go over me,
    do i need more practise or is my boared to big and wide? thanks!

  10. @ xoxomelissaxoxo229 an 8’0 egg shaped board will work almost perfect or go
    bigger then 8’0 all depends on where u plan on surfing and what conditions

  11. Try to get a light board. When i went to huntington beach, i rented a
    board, but it was way too thick, so i couldnt push it down. So try to get a
    less thick board, or build muscle (:

  12. i have recently became really interested in surfing. i longboard everyday
    in the summer and snowboard everyday in the winter, and im guessing this is
    a lot harder. Any thoughts? how long does it take before you can get up and
    going? im also a lifeguard/swim teacher so no worries in the swimming

  13. I have a question? Can you do duck dives on a foam board?? I use a 6 foot
    board and Im at the level where i need to learn how to do a duck dive?
    Please answer! Thank you

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