Longboard Habit DVD… Dylan Jones

by Paul Katz of Katz Eye Productions www.katzeyeproductions.com and Rich Lehrer of Burnt Toast Productions… Longboard Habit is TWO movies on one Disc!”Profiles in Style” and “Day’s like…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

4 thoughts on “Longboard Habit DVD… Dylan Jones”

  1. Kirk Hargreaves

    I started on long boards and then went through the short board revolution
    which became a more chaotic type of surfing. I excelled on the short boards
    – was never as strong on the long boards. . but I wish I had stayed with
    long boards longer. Instead I followed the trend which started with
    V-bottoms, fish style boards, etc. When Nat Young won the world

  2. Kirk Hargreaves

    Nat Young won the world contest in Ocean Beach San Diego in around 64 he
    rode a 9′ 4″ board that he called Magic Sam. . everyone was amazed that he
    was competing on such a “short” board! A lot of guys were riding boards at
    the ten foot and longer range.

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