Young Alex learns to longboard in Hanalei Bay from Dad

Music by Brother Iz- “Hele onto Kauai” Our son, Alex, who is Hapa Haole, just graduated kindergarten. Normally, we surf out of Santa Cruz, but we take a two …
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5 thoughts on “Young Alex learns to longboard in Hanalei Bay from Dad”

  1. great. Heading to hanalei in a few months from switzerland and dream about
    it every night. one of the most beautiful plaes on earth.

  2. You are going to love it! Be sure to try the food at the roadside stands!
    Not to be missed! The restaurant themselves are crowded and overpriced.
    But, the roadside stands are hidden treasures! So, everytime you see one,
    pull over and try them! You can get the most amazing shrimp, coconut,
    hamburgers, shaved ice, for just a few dollars. Look online, Yelp, etc.,
    for a good to roadside stands in Kauai. It is the best way to find the best
    eats in Kauai without breaking your wallet!

  3. @gjwolf22 Thanks Uncle George! Cousin Alex wants Cousin Zach to come to
    Kauai again next summer! He says a family vacation is MUCH more fun is ALL
    of his cousins are there… 🙂 Come to Kauai, cousins… Come surfing with
    cousin Alex…

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