5 thoughts on “Wingnut’s Art of Longboarding”

  1. i cant believe Jay M was in this! so stoked to see this. totally keepin
    this for record. i cant find this anywhere on dvd. i only had VHS when was
    14 or so. lost it and due to my VCR busting. ive looked everywhere for this
    video. thank you for the uploading. hehe when i first saw this i writen
    everything he said down would paddle out to 3s in waikiki and made sure i
    tried everything winnut said at least three times and wount go in until i
    finished everything on the list. again thanks for uploading this

  2. Juan Rodriguez Martinez

    Hey man to the uploader thank you very much for this, I am a passionate
    longboarder forever, I really have thought of switching just to experiment
    with other boards but the rides vibe changes, longboarder 4 life 🙂 

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