How To Catch A Wave – Surfing Tutorials In this learn surfing tutorial, we explain how to catch and ride an unbroken, or open faced wave in surfing. Learning the timing in r…

10 thoughts on “How To Catch A Wave – Surfing Tutorials”

  1. seriously, all i’m doing is either paddling then kissing my knees as I try
    to pop up as the wave passes me or taking a nosedive while my board free
    willys in the air

  2. Great tutorial, thanks!

    Can you tell more about the posture and the positioning on the board when
    catching wave? You briefly mentioned that you need to really arch your back
    — I didn’t know that :)

  3. Great idea for a video tutorial! It was a long time before I realized that
    this was a problem I’ve been having for a long time – not going out far
    enough and always trying to catch the wave at the “too late” point.

  4. Was literally having this issue last night. I was held up in the “too late”
    part of the wave yesterday. Got to get further out! What a treat finding
    this video today!

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