This is San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua – Surf Ranch Resort

Welcome to San Juan Del Sur and the southwest of Nicaragua. – This is a truly amazing place, and many people come here, but…
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8 thoughts on “This is San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua – Surf Ranch Resort”

  1. Destiny Marquez

    Its almost that time to explore my roots and adventure Nicaragua. San Juan
    Del Sur is one of the beautiful places ill be visiting in less than 2 wks.
    I am so ready to get out of town. Beyond excited!!! +Stella Medina 

  2. Félix Reyes Jaen

    Nice job, guys. I think you guys are the ones I read about yesterday; the
    Canadians who started this sports resort in my home country, Nicaragua.
    This makes me want to partner with someone and do something similar. I live
    in the States, though.

  3. Jose Martín Siezar Solis

    thanks for share all the good things of our town with the rest of the
    world, amazing video

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